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A tip for everyone

Diasport is an online platform that helps people who are enthusiastic about sports, especially people with type 1 diabetes, one step further with valuable tips. Based on the current state of science and personal experience, you will find a collection of tips on sports, nutrition and diabetes in general here.


Utilize full power

People with diabetes used to be told that exercise was dangerous and that it was better not to do it. Thanks to advances in therapy and good blood sugar control, anything is possible for a diabetic today. But how can the blood sugar of each sport be optimally adjusted? As a diabetic, how can I develop my full potential? Or: How does exercise actually affect blood sugar?


Full of juice with the right diet

Hardly any topic has been as topical in recent years as nutrition. But what does this mean for diabetes control? How can I keep my blood sugar as constant as possible and at the same time get full performance in everyday life and in sports? With a few tips, this is child's play. Unlike in the past, the principle of renunciation no longer applies to diabetes. Even diabetics should eat what they feel like eating. With regard to physical performance, however, there are certainly recommendations that promise success - and are not very different from those of non-diabetics.


General information about diabetes

Interest in and involvement with the topic of diabetes are basic requirements for successful diabetes therapy. Good diabetes therapy, in turn, is a prerequisite for normal work and leisure time. In short: Those who deal with themselves and their illness have advantages in every situation.

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