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Carbohydrate drinks in endurance sports

"In diabetics, a carbohydrate drink is contraindicated."
This was a statement in the children's hospital. Since most diabetics do not know this, it can be assumed that those who do endurance sports have certainly had experience with carbohydrate drinks (isotonic drinks). And just as many will have found that it works great. The statement had to be researched.
The doctor, the nutritionist and the endurance athlete himself came to the conclusion that such a drink, when used correctly, works perfectly to keep blood sugar constant. Unsurprisingly, the statement was retracted.
When it comes to drinks, it is important to pay attention to how many carbohydrates they contain. Most of the commercial brands exceed values of over 80g KH / 100g drink. Since the drinking bottles usually have a capacity of around 500ml, this means that with a bottle given a portion of 40g per 500ml, between 30-35g of KH are absorbed. This is not a problem over a period of 2-3 hours of physical activity. However, hardly any cyclist or runner will be able to get by with a drinking bottle for a 4-5 hour activity in midsummer at 30°C (and they shouldn't either).
Therefore, I recommend that you either mix a drink that contains less carbohydrate or take a bottle with the 40g Isodrink, but spread it out over the entire journey. Then a second bottle of pure water or electrolytes without sugar must be taken with you. For short journeys or runs (1.5 hours), only pure water is recommended for diabetics and non-diabetics anyway. That's enough to cover the demand. The lost electrolytes are replenished with the food early enough and you will hardly be able to get hungry after a 1.5 hour drive.

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