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Dragon Link Slot Machine How To Play

The free games are triggered when you land three or more flags anywhere on the reels. The Hold n Spin feature is triggered by six or more animated sun symbols on the reels. This slot offers four different jackpots, Grand, Major, Minor, and Mini. Dragon Link. Lightning Link and its cousin, Dragon Link, offers four jackpots, with the two most exciting being the Major and the Grand.

Some players don’t understand the various ways that a Major or Grand can be won. Because the jackpots are on the rare side, some. They know exactly what the probabilities are for all the payouts. They know how much a machine will pay out in the long run. They know the range a machine's payback will fall into on the way to the long run. The only surprise a casino should have on a machine is when its jackpots are hit.

Dragon Link Slot Machine How To Play - Rowan Casino

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